How A Comic Artist Who Have Never Had Wine Can Enjoy Its Taste

winesEven though wine is one of the most loved drink in the world, it is not loved by everyone and there is a fair sized group of people who just don’t like it’s taste. Yet, when people around you start to talk of the virtues of every bottle they have consumed, you may start wondering just what you are missing out. If you are a comic artist and you do not like the taste of wine; that does not mean that there are no fine wines out there. This article seeks to help you get used to the taste of wine and enjoy yourself just like your colleagues does.


You may not believe it but there are people whose drinking wine experience is akin to tasting fine beers or any other drink that tastes good such as single malt. There are wine types that do not taste good, and for you to like their taste that can be an acquired approach but it can grow in you gradually if you understand the wine types that tastes better.

Try different wines

Rather than judging your dislike for wine based on a single brand. Prepare to broaden your experience by tasting different styles of wine. For example, you had tasted a moscato wine, try other moscato wine types and see if there is any that you will love. Besides, what tastes best to you may be different from someone else’s impressions. Do not listen to people, taste as many styles as possible and you will eventually like some of them.


Learn about the ingredients of wines

The history of wine is fascinating and there are good histories that you can read online. You can also check on the drinks section of your local library for such books. Read about the ingredients to understand every wine type better. Being aware of the ingredients you will have confident as you try whichever wine you choose to.


Familiarize yourself with various styles of wine

There are various categories of wine. What you need to know is that every style of wine impacts the taste and this may be where your dislike for wine has originated. By trying various styles, you will be able to know which one works for you and now start familiarizing yourself with wines in that category.


Try a stronger tasting wine

Stronger tasting wine might prove an interesting discovery for you especially if you had tried weak, sugary wine targeted at the mass market. You can try this while keeping yourself busy with your comic work. You may not even realize the strong taste in that wine and might end up loving it.


Try a lighter beer

If you happen not to like any of the strong wines, it’s about time you go for lighter ones. There those with less calories and a lighter flavor. To like these drinks, make sure they are cold and have not been exposed to light for long as significant amount of light may make them skunky and tasteless.


There you have it. You should not say that you dislike wine. If you follow the above tips, you will become a guru in this area just like you are a guru in comics and you can now celebrate your comics’ successes by sharing finest wines with friends and family.

Want to learn more about graphic design? Read on:

graphic designWhether you are in need of marketing brochure, building a professional website, or creating a new logo, graphic design is needed for you to give your work a professional look. This is because with graphic design you can express your goals in a better way by encapsulating your business, products, as well as services.

What is meant by graphic design?

This is the art of projecting ideas and experiences via visual and textual content. It may include images, texts, or a combination of both to communicate to the audience. Graphic design incorporates significant number of professional and artistic disciplines that targets visual communication and powerful presentation. A piece of professional work can be made visually appealing to ensure high conversion, and can be used to meet various purposes such as cultural, commercial, industrial, political, and even educational purposes.

Types of graphic design:


This refers to the graphic works that represent various ideas via images and graphics. This type of graphics is highly powerful as it communicates to people in a simpler and easy to understand way.


This refers to the texts used to convey an idea or a message. It includes handmade lettering or stylish typography to communicate to the audience.

Image and type

As the name suggests, this type of graphics refers to the images and texts used in the design. Web designers usually combine images and typography to come up with their graphic work.

Symbols, logos, and logo-types

This refers to the symbols, logos, and logos-types that are used in the art. This is awesome as it can convey easily yet significantly.

General design tips for you:

Know your message

Some people say that you need to first get an inspiration, but it’s easier to get your subject if you are aware of the message you intend to bring across. For example, if your art work aims at telling the world about peace, you can effectively pick images that represent peace, combine it with powerful text and tweak them to your liking and creative expression and then you are good to go.

Don’t overcrowd a page

Again, this goes down to having a specific purpose in your mind. After all, when you are sure of what you intend to convey, it will be much easier for you to determine the best possible images, texts, and sketches that would just do that. This means that you won’t be tempted to overwhelm your work with so many of them. An overwhelmed page sends a bad picture to your audience, not to mention that it reduces the value of what you did.

Come up with unique texts

One of the mistakes that graphic designers and most especially beginners do is to put more focus on the picture that they forget that text is also important. Texts needs to be visible to the audience and this means that you background should not have the same shade with your text.

Graphic design is not easy, but it is also not as easy as many thought it to be though the challenges makes it even more exciting. However, to get the best results, always go with a professional artist.